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About Warthog

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Warthog had made himself a lovely spacious home with a wide doorway out of an old termite mound, he believed his home was the most magnificent home in all of Africa.

One day he was in his home and noticed a huge lion stalking towards him. Now because he had made such a grand entrance to his house, the lion chased him all the way into his lounge. “Ahhhh, the lion is going to eat me in my own lounge” thought Warthog.

He then decided he was going to try trick the lion and pretended to support the roof with his back, pushing up his tusks. “Help!” he cried at the lion, “I am going to be crushed! The roof is caving in! Flee oh mighty Lion, before you are crushed along with me!” The lion saw right through Warthogs trick as he was no fool. He roared so fiercely that Warthog dropped to his knees, trembling.

Warthog begged for mercy. Luckily for him Lion was not too hungry. So he pardoned the warthog and left, saying, “Stay on your knees, you foolish beast!” Warthog took Lion’s order to heart.

That is why, to this day, you will see Warthog feeding on his knees, in a very undignified position, with his bottom up in the air and his snout snuffling in the dust.