Experience the majesty of Victoria Falls, the adventure destination where many of our safaris begin or end. The sheer magnitude of water crashing down, its roar echoing as mist rises to paint rainbows across the sky is truly awe-inspiring. This natural spectacle, known locally as ‘the Smoke That Thunders,’ offers more than a visual feast. Here, visitors can dive into adrenaline-packed activities like white-water rafting on the Zambezi or bungee jumping with the falls as a backdrop. A visit to Vic Falls is a perfect ending (or beginning) to any Botswana safari.

Plants and Animals

  • Rainforest Flora: ferns, palms, liana vines, and a variety of orchids
  • Baobab Trees
  • Elephants, Cape buffalo, giraffes, zebras, and a plethora of antelope species
  • Over 400 species of birds including the African fish eagle, the Trumpeter Hornbill, and the rare Taita Falcon
  • Numerous butterfly species

People and Culture

Visitors can witness the traditions of the Tonga and Lozi tribes. Listen to the rhythmic energy of Tonga drumming, partake in Lozi storytelling, and explore bustling markets showcasing intricate Ndebele crafts.


The flow of the Zambezi River significantly influences the appearance of Victoria Falls. Higher water levels during the wet season create a more dramatic and awe-inspiring sight, while lower water levels in the dry season provide better visibility of the rock formations.

The Green Season: Rainy season – November – April – The falls are at their most powerful, offering dramatic vistas. The abundant water can limit visibility and access to certain areas due to spray and high water levels.

Dry Season: May – October – Water flow lessens, presenting the falls’ grandeur and enabling clearer, panoramic views. Lower river levels improve conditions for activities like rafting and allow access to Devil’s Pool.

Wildlife sightings increase as animals gather around the scarce water sources.

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