Based in Maun, BOTSWANA SINCE 1996

Since 1996, our safari operations have flourished right from our headquarters in Maun, Botswana. Our deep understanding of this magnificent country, coupled with unparalleled local support and logistics, sets us apart from other providers. Our mission goes beyond offering unique safari experiences; we’re dedicated to ensuring that the communities we visit directly benefit from tourism, helping to preserve the natural wonders we explore.

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What truly distinguishes us is our team of expert guides. These passionate tour leaders are not just knowledgeable; they’re dedicated to making you feel at home in their backyard. With a commitment to safety and fun, they go above and beyond to ensure your safari adventure is unforgettable, making them the primary reason our guests choose to return.

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Immerse yourself in the raw beauty of Africa with us. Listen to the nocturnal calls of hyenas, the lumbering steps of elephants near your campsite, and experience the true heart of Africa. Our safaris hark back to the era of grand African expeditions, offering an authentic adventure in the bush, with up-close wildlife encounters you will never forget.

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lion cubs
safari car


Our mobile camping safaris represent the quintessential African journey. Join a small group adventure in a 4×4, traversing remote areas, setting up camp under canvas tents in pristine locations, and experiencing the unparalleled hospitality of hosts who consider these awe-inspiring destinations their home.

Or for those seeking more comfort, use our network of lodges to create the ultimate accomodated itinerary. Whichever you choose, a mobile safari is an intimate exploration of Africa’s heart.

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Our Land Rover Defenders are custom-built from the ground up to enhance your safari experience. Designed with comfort and photographic opportunities in mind, these vehicles feature spacious legroom, barrier-free sides, and are equipped with USB charging ports and an onboard inverter to keep your devices powered. The windscreen and roof flap’s adjustability, along with an open partition for easy communication with your guide, make our vehicles unparalleled in the safari industry.

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For over two decades, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with various organizations in Northern Botswana to support local development, improving the socio-economic well-being of communities. From business development to education and environmental conservation, our projects make a tangible difference. We’re also part of Pack for a Purpose, enabling our guests to contribute meaningfully to the communities we visit.

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