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About Elephant

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Many years ago elephants did not have trunks. The baby elephant was known as a curious creature, his questions used to get him into a lot of trouble. He asked many animals what the crocodile eats for dinner. When no one could tell him he decided to search for a crocodile and find out for himself.

When he eventually found the crocodile he asked him “Crocodile, what do you eat for dinner?” “Come a bit closer Baby Elephant and I’ll tell you.” Crocodile whispered.

The naive and curious baby elephant went closer and closer to the crocodile with each whisper. As soon as the baby elephant got his face close to that of the crocodiles, the crocodile snapped at the elephant’s nose! “Today I think I would rather start my meal with a baby elephant!”

The startled baby elephant pulled away but his nose was still stuck in the jaws of the crocodile. The more the baby elephant pulled away the longer his nose stretched. Eventually the crocodile lost his grip and the elephant sat down with a bump. At first the baby elephant was ridiculed for his new nose, but soon discovered that it has many advantages. Soon, all the elephants were making their way to the shore for the crocodile to work his magic!