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All You Need to Know & More

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I have always considered that one starts traveling as soon as one starts planning and preparing for a trip. There is something unique and utterly thrilling in getting ready for “the great unknown” which is definitely part of the journey.

Nowadays, it can seem quite easy to get all the necessary traveling information, since everything one needs to know is usually only a mouse-click away, but the task tends to quickly become frustrating and disconcerting as very often the vast amount of sources implies conflicting information along with the difficulty to figure out what really needs to be known and done among the ocean of tips and advice…and we certainly wouldn’t want you to sink before launching.

So we have decided to start different series of articles approaching what we believe are the main things you should know or consider before queuing at the airport.

We will be publishing over the next few weeks various articles divided into three “series”:

  1. Planning Tips, in which we will stick our noses into your passports, wallets and suitcases (among others).
  2. Destination Insights, in which you will learn that you won’t be encountering Masai warriors, diving with sharks nor taking snapshots of tigers (spoiler alert…) but that you will definitely have lots to see, experience and learn all along our bush ways.
  3. Bush Ways “User guide”, i.e. a series exclusively focused on…us, not because we think we are awesome and worth being under the spotlight and talked about at length (or maybe we do…but just a tiny bit), but because we have designed a variety of safari experiences and believe that the more you know about what we do, the better you will be able to select what is going to fulfill your safari dreams.

Just one last thing: we need your help! We have tried to cover all topics that came to our (brilliant?) minds, but we might have forgotten a few things so please, feel free to comment on this post and list the questions you have in mind or, if you have already completed your Botswana trip, to tell us what you wish you had known before starting your safari.

Coming soon: Three introduction articles to present each of the series’ “tables of content”