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What is a Adventure Camping Safari?

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So, let’s start where we left off in our last Bush Ways’ User guide post. You had opened our website homepage,, your mouse was on the main menu, the little arrow placed on top “Our Safaris”, and the words, “Adventure Camping”, “Premium Camping” and “Accommodated” had appeared.

Ok, first thing first, you can click on the words “Adventure Camping”. You will be opening a page where we have tried to give you a brief description of what it is all about and what to expect. But I will try to be a bit more elaborate here.

“Adventure Camping” means that, during your safari, we won’t let you twiddle your thumbs 24/7, however, after all, it’s your holiday so we won’t be asking too much. Basically, during a Adventure Camping, you will be expected to set up and pack your tent (but we do provide the tents!) and help carry your luggage between the trailer and your tent. And….that’s it. We told you, not too much!

During a Adventure Camping safari, our teams are made up of a guide and a camp assistant, and on a selection of departures, either a German-speaking or a French-speaking translator. They will of course demonstrate how to put up your tent and pack it. The camp assistant will take care of all the cooking, cleaning, etc. and set up the rest of the camping equipment.

Kettle on fire

There are a few other particularities specifically related to a Bush Ways Adventure Camping safari:

– On a Adventure Camping safaris, the tents we provide are 2.1m x 2.1m x 1.75m easy-to-erect bow tents which have treated mosquito mesh covering all the windows and doors. For each guest, we also provide a comfortable 5cm high density foam camping mattresses.

Tent new with wireless and sizes

– You will be sharing the ablutions with the rest of the group. We mostly camp in wild areas at designated private campsites which are nothing more than pristine space in the bush. At these private campsites, only your group will set camp and our teams will set up “bush toilets” and “bush showers” as per pictures here below.

Shower tent_new
Toilet tent_new

– You will be expected to buy your own drinks as we only provide tea and coffee. Your guide will take you drink shopping upon arrival and each time your trail takes you through town. He will advise you on the recommended quantities and will assist you if you need to change or withdraw money.

– You should bring with you your own sleeping bag. However, if you do not have one or prefer traveling without, you can rent a sleeping bag and pillow from us as well.

– Our groups on Adventure Camping safaris can welcome a maximum of 12 people.

tlutwa pan campsite, Chobe NP

– Since Bush Ways has offered Adventure Camping safaris since 1996, we have had more than enough time to observe what was most sought-after by guests traveling to this part of the world, and to make sure our tours’ logistics were top-notch, therefore we have been able to develop a great variety of itineraries of different lengths and combining different destinations. Our scheduled safaris range from 7 to 17 days and explore a variety of places in Botswana: Okavango Delta, Central Kalahari, Nxai Pan, Chobe, Moremi, along with the Caprivi Strip in Namibia and the mighty Victoria Falls. We offer a total of 7 different Adventure Camping safari itineraries which all have numerous scheduled departure dates throughout the year.

You will see below the names of all our Adventure Camping safari programmes. Feel free to click on the following links for more details about each of them.
Leopard Safari
Elephant Safari
Lion Safari
Fish Eagle Safari
Buffalo Safari
Kalahari Safari
Hyena Safari
If there is anything else you would like to know about Bush Ways Adventure Camping safaris, feel free to comment this post!

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