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A new Chapter for Bush Ways

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After many years operating from our old base in the Hospital Road in Maun we finally reached the point of Expansion. Our facilities have now moved to our new, much larger, base just outside of Maun at the Matshwane industrial Side.

Our old base served us well and was one of the key factors in helping us to grow to where we are today. It was here that we learned how to handle a growing operation, expanding fleet and more staff at the workshop. The office also grew constantly with reinforcement for every department. As space became less, it was logical and necessary to give our already smooth working operations and reservations more space to grow and develop in order to improve our services.

IMG_9715Finding the right facilities for such a huge operation, as we have grown over the past years, is an almost impossible task. Not willing to make any compromise we decided to build our own base for our needs, making use of the expertise we have gained over the many years of hard work. This gave us the opportunity to be free in any decision making process and to build an office for our whole team, which serves as the very best foundation for the future.

Moving so many items that had been gathered over the past years at the old base, took us several weeks. All the machines, vehicles, containers, computers, files and folders had to be packed and relocated. Finally we managed to pack the last things and moved to our new premises just outside of Maun on Friday the 31st of October.

It is more than exciting to now operate from our 2000 sq meter office building. Having so much space allows us to easily resupply two separate Safari Vehicles at one time. We also have two board rooms for meetings and training, with our agents and staff on site. Offices for each department ensures the very best productivity and store rooms for both the mobile safaris and Lodges guarantees a constant supply of fresh and dry goods without the need of unnecessary daily, long drives in to town. Further we now have two large work shop areas for all our vehicles and the ever hard working mechanics.

We look forward to all of our future safaris and guests that we will meet along the way. Having our new base will ensure the very best service for our safari and lodge Guests.