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Bush Ways – Safari Vehicles

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One very important feature of a perfect safari experience is with no doubt the Safari vehicle. You will spend most of the time on game drives and therefore it has to be perfectly designed to match your expectations.

For Bush Ways, we did not want to make any compromise on our guest’s comfort, photographic opportunities and reliability. This then lead us to design our own custom built Safari vehicles.

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Removable canvas roof for the full bush experience!

The vehicle model we have come to trust is a Landrover Defender TD5. We strip the vehicles apart and made them 2m wide and 5 m long. This now allows us to seat up to 16 guests. However, to make it even more comfortable, we have limited our maximum capacity to 12 guests on our Adventure Camping Safaris and a maximum of 9 guests on our Premium Camping Safaris. This allows plenty of space on each row for day packs, camera equipment and space between guests. Each vehicle has 4 rows with a maximum of 3 guests per row for increased guest comfort and space. Our seats are bench seats to allow for great flexibility and are not bucket seats which can be restricting. Each vehicle has coil springs with double shocks – this reduces the bouncing felt by guests on very bumpy bush roads.

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Perspex windows to protect against the cold and rain or wind on long drives!

Another crucial feature beside the comfort and provided space is visibility out of the vehicle. All our Safari Vehicles are fitted with a windscreen that can be placed flat on the bonnet so guests can enjoy unobstructed views/photographic opportunities on game drives. Further the canvas roof is removable, which enables guests to stand up on seats and enjoy the sights and smells of the African bush from a higher perspective. Perspex windows can be easily put up to protect against the cold and rain or wind on long drives. There is no separation between the guide and the guests which allows for communication and interaction between the guest/guide at any time.

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Folded down side door for easy access!

Additionally, we also provide extra features which we found important during a safari. Every vehicle has a fridge for cold beverages for that perfect sun downers or a cool drink during game drives in the hot African Bush. There is an inverter (220VAC with two pin euro plug adapter) that guests are welcome to use to charge camera batteries. The side door can be folded down completely and provides easy access and exits – which is more convenient than climbing up and down a high vehicle as it is with the usual safari vehicles.

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Comfortable seats, a fridge and air-conditioning!

During the Accommodated Safaris you will be transferred between the lodges in our comfortable mini bus. This vehicle has cosy seats, a convenient fridge and air-conditioning for those extra hot days. This mini bus provides a very pleasant means of transportation between the lodges and is not used for game drives however there is always a chance of a lucky sighting along the way. All activities offered while on the Accommodated Safaris are provided by the lodges and are operated in the lodge game drive vehicles. For the two day camping section in this itinerary we make use of our own custom built safari vehicle.

We look forward to taking you through the most exciting wildlife areas Botswana has to offer on one of our Bush Ways Safari Vehicles!