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My first safari with our new water filtration system

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We have been running our first safaris with our new water filter system on our safari vehicles now. I have been on a Leopard Safari for the last 3 weeks and I was quite excited to see how it would affect the daily life on safari and if we would feel any difference at all.

Yes, I was aware of the fact that it should be less waste and that we are no longer dealing with all those plastic bottles in our vehicles. Those plastic bottles not only took up a lot of space in the car but they were also a lot of the times leaking and people couldn’t remember which bottle belonged to whom. So, I was really looking forward to the new experience…


And I have to say without exaggerating that it just exceeded my expectations by far.

To wrap it up, the system is very easy to use, quick, always available and the most important thing is the water tastes good. There is no strange taste, odor or a strange color of the water. The first time I tasted the water here at the base I have to admit that it tasted a bit of new materials, almost like a new water bottle tastes when you use it for the first time or how a new car smells when you sit in it 🙂 . But this was gone completely.

And then after the first few days in the Kalahari I asked myself where we put all the rubbish bags as I could only see one next to our trailer and I haven’t seen another one stored anywhere else, until I realized that we only had this ONE. We were 12 people (9 guests and 3 staff) and we only had one rubbish bag!!! It was an honest highlight of the whole safari for me and I all of a sudden felt so proud! Proud about offering the most amazing once-in-a-lifetime-experiences to our guests and at the same time being so ecologically efficient. How can this not make one proud?

I spoke to our guests about the system and the water and all of them confirmed that they all liked it and think that it is a very good solution especially if you consider the very sensitive environment we work in. On top of all of that, one of the big benefits now is that our guests don’t have to go to shop for water anymore before they leave for safari.

So, all in all this is a big success for all of us, Bush Ways, our amazing guests and most important our environment.

We now just fill up our container at the national park entrances or wherever water is available and have it clean and ready to drink for our guests during the entire safari.

We are very proud and can’t wait for all the safaris to come!

You can watch our video regarding the filter system here again  🙂