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Savuti, A True Safari Gem

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Savuti is a diverse landscape, including dry river channels, marshlands, woodland savannah, and rocky outcrops. This area boasts an incredible diversity of fauna and flora, making every Bush Ways Safari experience a unique and thrilling encounter. Artificial water holes dot the drier areas of Savuti, a valuable resource which enables both predators and prey to live year-round in the region. Elephants make their presence felt at these drinking points, shoving zebras, impala, kudu and other antelope out of the way. The open landscape allows great viewing, with lions, leopard, hyena, wild dogs and smaller predators all making the area home.

One of Savuti’s most intriguing features is its dynamic landscape which is shaped by a river channel that flows unpredictably. Dry for years or even decades at a time, the Savuti channel can burst back to life when the seasonal flood waters divert through the channel as a result of tectonic plate movements. When this occurs, the wildlife make full use of the refreshing waters flowing through. The unpredictability of this channel most certainly adds an element of mystery to this area, making each safari visit an extraordinary experience. The Savuti Marsh adds another element to the landscape – zebra and wildebeest congregate here to enjoy the vast grasslands brought by the rains. Naturally, predators follow them. If the Savuti channel has flowed, the Savuti Marsh becomes a year-round source of good eating for all.

On our Fully Serviced Safari, you get the unique opportunity to explore and discover this wildlife haven for 2 nights! Enjoy guided game drives through this area led by our passionate and expert local guides as they give you an intimate understanding of the fascinating wildlife and ecosystem of Savuti. The rocky hills of Savuti are also a unique sight for visitors, offering the chance to spot a Klipspringer – a small antelope that favours this type of terrain. Bushman art also decorates some of the rock faces, and tourists are able to take a short climb to the most accessible ones at a designated point. In addition to the captivating history and folklore, Savuti offers travellers an unparalleled stargazing experience. As nightfall descends upon this remote area, the limited light pollution of the region adorns the sky with a blanket of stars and constellations creating breathtaking views of the star-studded sky.

Savuti is a true safari gem for nature and adventure enthusiasts. Discover the magic of the African bush with a journey to the charming Savuti through our Fully Serviced Safari for the perfect blend of comfort and adventure. Email now for your unforgettable safari experience!