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The hearty village of XouXao

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Bush Ways Foundation

 Situated near the edge of the Delta and home to approximately 150 people, the village of XouXao was formed in 1932 and is the oldest village in its area.

Bush Ways Foundation partnered with Samaritans Feet to give back to this village. Bush Ways operates in the area and wanted to give back to the community, in the form of some basic supplies. Families gathered at the Kgotla where we were met by a joyfulpeopleand their Chief. With song and dance we were welcomed into the village as a sign of bringing hope. Thelaughs and good cheer was order of the day.

The Bush Ways Foundation donated clothes and shoes hampers to families as well as basic provisionsfor new-borns such as diapers, linen and clothing –  all part of the Pack For A Purpose initiative. Samaritans Feet’s involvement was the donation of approximately 200 pairs of shoes for all members of the community.