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Bush Ways’ new generation of drinking water on mobile safaris

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From this season on we will provide our guests on our mobile safaris with clean, fresh drinking water throughout the safari, right from the vehicle.
For a few months now we have been working on equipping our vehicles with special tanks and a water filtration system.

As we are operating in wilderness areas where environmental protection is one of our biggest concerns, we have come to the decision that we can no longer accept taking bottled water on our mobile safaris. An average safari has been using 70 x 5L water bottles, to ensure our guests always have enough drinking water. Those numbers added up to 7,000 single 5L bottles in one year – and a huge amount of plastic waste!

Not only are our guests now helping to protect our pristine environment by reducing the amount of waste, it’s much more convenient for them as there is no need to shop for water before their safari anymore.

Guests are advised to bring their own personal water bottle on safari, so that they can be refilled with the filtered water during the trip.  And we can now all be proud of taking the next step towards a greener and healthier world!

This filtration system is a miniature version of the filter system that we have been operating in our camps for several years. It features a combination of 10 and 1 micron filters, a carbon filter and a UV light, to ensure that the water that we provide is safe for even the most sensitive of stomachs. It basically is a 3 phase filtration system which works as follows:

The first phase is a 10 micron pre-filter with an active carbon filter which the water passes through to filter out bigger particles and odours and colours that might be in the water.
The second phase then is a 1 micron filter which removes bacterias and parasites that might be in the water and are one of the main reasons for an upset stomach.
The third phase now is the UV light, which kills all the remaining bacterias and viruses which might have stayed in there after all the filtering.

For a more detailed explanation on how this filtration system works you can watch our training video here.
If you have any further questions please leave us a comment here.